Thursday, April 26

  • sherri & wayne brady

    Wayne Brady & Skyler Miser

  • sherri
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    Sherri Hates Pilates

  • skyler miser

    20-Year-Old Girl Rockets to Circus History

  • sherri & lora
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    Helpful Home Hacks!

  • wayne brady

    Wayne Brady’s New Reality

April 26, 2024

Sherri gives her hilarious take on the current headlines! Wayne Brady tells Sherri about his return to Broadway in The Wiz and upcoming reality show, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, airing on Freeform and HULU. Former news broadcaster Lora McLaughlin shares some of her timesaving life and home hacks! Then, Human Rocket Skyler Miser, a second-generation Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performer, visits Sherri.


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