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    Drake Gets Showered with Bras

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    Sherri Faces Her Fear of Snakes

September 19, 2023


Sherri gives her hilarious take on the current headlines and will share never-before-revealed and personal details about her summer, including her commitment to her health and well-being and the steps she has taken to get there.

Comedian and Sherri’s good friend, Michelle Buteau, joins Sherri on the couch to talk about her upcoming comedy tour, “The Full Heart, Tight Jeans” and her podcast, “Adulting.”

Sherri announces Funny Over 50, a nationwide search for funny women over 50 who are still waiting for their BIG BREAK in comedy!

And in a new segment, Never Have I Ever … Until Today, Sherri confronts one of her greatest fears and hilarity is bound to happen.

Plus, a Sherri superfan gets the chance to play for a cash giveaway every day during the premiere week!


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