Monday, February 26

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    After Show: Jennifer Holliday & Muni Long

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    Jennifer Holliday & Muni Long

  • Sherri and screengrab of Steven Yuen
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    How Sherri Got Her SAG Card

  • Jennifer Holliday

    Jennifer Holliday Is Looking for Love

  • Muni Long

    Muni Long Talks Working With Usher

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    Protect Your Family with a Life Insurance Policy from Colonial Penn

February 26, 2024

Sherri gives her hilarious take on the current headlines! The multi-talented Jennifer Holliday tells Sherri about her upcoming cabaret show at Cafe Carlyle in New York. Singer Muni Long visits the show to talk about her viral hit, “Made For Me,” in Sherri’s Playlist segment.


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