Friday, May 26

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    Hailee Steinfeld , Shameik Moore & Backyard Party DIY

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    Halle Bailey Makes History in “The Little Mermaid”

  • hailee, shameik & sherri
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    Our Sherri Interns Graduate!

  • sherri
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    The Horror!! She Wore the Same Dress…Twice!!!

  • hailee & shameik
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    Hailee Steinfeld & Shameik Moore Go “Across the Spider-Verse”

  • sherri & evette
    Fun. Joy. Laughter.

    Summer Backyard DIY Ideas

Sherri gives her hilarious take on the trending stories. Then, actress Hailee Steinfeld and actor Shameik Moore sit down together to talk about their new film, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” in theaters on June 2. Plus, lifestyle expert Evette Rios shows Sherri some of the best backyard party DIY ideas for this summer!


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